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Parker Wax and Lube Kit

Parker Wax and Lube Kit

Parker Wax and Lube Kit
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Name: Parker Wax and Lube Kit
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Serial Number: 382150
Manufacturer Name: Parker Crossbows
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Parker Wax and Lube Kit: Get your Parker Wax and Lube Kit today. Full line dealer for Parker crossbow accessories.

Formulated for today's high performance crossbows, RED HOT String Wax and Barrel Lubricant will prolong the life and increase the performance of your strings and cables.


• Formulated for crossbows shooting over 300 fps

• 100% scent free, will not freeze

• Wax lubricates, and works into strands, prolongs life and smoothes surface of strands reducing friction

• Barrel Lubricant is mess free with applicator tip.

• Has a polymeric formula that reduces friction and works into center serving.

• Lubricant works into trigger components, adding lubrication and inhibiting corrosion

• Trigger latch has a smoother release, more accurate

• Convenient combo kit


Parker Wax and Lube Kit