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M-12 Holster Tactical Drop Leg Extender Kit

M-12 Holster Tactical Drop Leg Extender Kit
Name: M-12 Holster Tactical Drop Leg Extender Kit
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Serial Number: #233
Manufacturer Name: Specter Gear

M-12 Holster is NOT INCLUDED with the drop leg extender package.

M-12 Holster Tactical Drop Leg Extender Kit

Many feel, ourselves included, that the USGI M-12 holster is an excellent field holster design. However, when wearing body armor, or a load bearing vest, accessing these holsters, while mounted on the belt, can be difficult. In response to this problem we've designed a very effective drop leg extender which allows the holster to hang below the belt, attached to the operator's upper thigh, improving access without sacrificing security.

Our Drop Leg Extender's main hanger strap is constructed from 3 layers of heavy duty 2" scuba webbing with hook and loop adjustment pads allowing approximately 6" of additional drop adjustment. The vertical hanger strap also features a heavy duty 2" side release buckle which allows for rapid removal or attachment of the holster without having to remove your belt. 

The fully adjustable double leg straps are made with comfortable, yet durable, 2" webbing with heavy duty side release buckle closures and heavy duty elastic loops to allow for expansion of the thigh straps during movement. The leg straps also feature 2 rows of imbedded rubber stitching on the inside to prevent shifting and movement of the holster. Both leg straps are removable to allow for easy left or right hand user configuration.

M-12 Holster Drop Leg Extender Assembly Instructions:

Step 1
By default, the M-12 DLE is set up for a right handed user. Should you need to set up your DLE for left handed use, or wish to remove a leg strap for any reason, the process is very simple. First remove the male end of the side release buckle and the adjustment tri-glide from the leg strap. Next, turn the DLE over and insert a blunt flat object such as a ruler or paint stirrer between the hook and loop fasteners in the leg strap tunnel. Work the flat object back and forth a couple times to break up the hook and loop contact points and simply pull on the leg strap side release buckle and the leg strap will come right out. Reverse the process for reassembly. 
Step 2
Open the belt clip on your holster and insert the legs of the belt clip through the two slots on the drop leg extender strap, pivot the holster down and secure the belt clip to the back of the holster.
Step 3
Insert the tip of the lower holster retainer strap through the loop at the bottom of your holster, pull tight and secure it to the hook and loop fastener on the extender hanger strap.

The M-12 Drop Leg Extender Kit is ambidextrous and available in Black, Olive Drab or Coyote Tan.

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