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MOLLE / PALS Compatible Modular Tactical Holster

MOLLE / PALS Compatible Modular Tactical Holster
Name: MOLLE / PALS Compatible Modular Tactical Holster
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Serial Number: #316-#323-#324
Manufacturer Name: Specter Gear

MOLLE / PALS Compatible Modular Tactical Holster MOLLE / PALS Compatible Modular Tactical Holster

MOLLE / PALS Compatible Modular Tactical Holster

Our modular tactical holsters possess a number of innovative design features which not only address the issue of mounting a holster on MOLLE/PALS format modular carriers, but also simplify logistical issues as well.

Quality of fit

To begin with, each holster is designed specifically for the weapon it is intended for. These are not one size fits all, but none fits well type holsters. They are each stitched to the profile of the intended weapon which provides a solid and stable fit. Each and every holster's thumb break/retention system is adjusted for proper fit at the factory with a simulator of the actual weapon to be used in the holster. Each of these holsters feature proper clearance for a true combat firing grip while still holstered, thus your presentation is unimpeded.


Our modular holsters feature the new "Specter Snap" attachment system. The "Specter Snap" is a removable, replaceable, and reversible MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment system that is fully compatible with the MOLLE/PALS modular system and is very similar in application, which simplifies deployment of this holster by requiring very little training or orientation to the end user. The purpose of this system is to allow the same holster to be mounted in either a right hand or left hand configuration. This is achieved by the use of this "Specter Snap" system in conjunction with a removable, replaceable and reversible thumb break/retention strap assembly. Conversion from right hand to left hand application is easily achieved in just a few minutes. The primary benefit of this system is to simplify the supply issues associated with maintaining a stock of both right hand and left hand holsters. With this design, only a single holster need be stocked.

An additional benefit of this design is the availability of modular channels on the outside of the holster which allow placement of single channel MOLLE/PALS compatible pouches. Additionally we've provided a 2 row single MOLLE/PALS channel along the front spine of the holster. Collectively, two single channel pouches can be mounted to the holster allowing accessories such as spare magazines, personal handheld lights, chemical agent dispensers, etc. to be carried with the holster.

Materials and workmanship

Each of these holsters is constructed with an outer and inner shell of 1000 denier cordura nylon. Internally there are four layers of 1650 denier ballistic nylon. Each holster body is precision stitched using computerized pattern sewing machines. The modular channels are Type 17337 nylon webbing. Each channel is bartacked using state of the art heavy duty tackers. All stress points are heavily reinforced. The thumb breaks feature an alloy reinforcement that is moldable to suit the end user. The snaps used in the retention system are the highest quality possible and feature a heavy duty release to prevent unintended release.

The end is result of all of this is an extremely durable holster which functions properly and will survive even the harshest conditions.   

As with all Specter products these holsters are Made In The USA.

Available in Black, Olive Drab, Coyote Tan and ACU Universal Camo

Select A Holster (Beretta 92/96 fits 4.7"-4.9" Barrel - Glock 17/22/31 fits 4.49" Barrel - Glock 20"-21" fits 4.60" Barrel):

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