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Otis DMR-M14/M240G 7.62 Cleaning System

Otis DMR-M14/M240G 7.62 Cleaning System
Name: Otis DMR-M14/M240G 7.62 Cleaning System
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Serial Number: OT-308-6
Manufacturer Name: Otisgun
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This 1/2 lb. cleaning system replaces over 3 lbs. of conventional gear. With the flexible cleaning rod it is only possible to clean correctly, from breech to muzzle. The chamber, shoulder and neck can easily be cleaned. Bore obstructions, mud or snow, can be dislodged out the muzzle end. A stuck empty case or bullet lodged in the neck can be easily knocked out. Specific tools are included to clean the locking lugs, bolt face, carrier key, bolt and slide. All parts are blackened to eliminate glare. Fast and accurate cleaning can be accomplished in minutes.